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Park Paradise 2022

Join us on Sunday, August 28 at 1:00-4:00 pm at Park Synagogue East. This is open to Park Members and Camp Families of ALL Ages.

Drinks & Snacks (ice cream too) are included in the price of admission.

This is for families with 4 or more people.

Yes, please contact me about participating in the Park Paradise Raffle
No, Please do not contact me about donate in the Park Paradise Raffle

Examples: An invitation for up to 4 people for a home-made Shabbat Dinner, Help with raking leaves in the fall,A Night of Babysitting, Seats from your Season Tickets, a private personal yoga session, a family photography session.

4 Tickets $10.00
10 Tickets $20.00
4 Tickets $10.00
10 Tickets $20.00
4 Tickets $10.00
10 Tickets $20.00

Additional tickets may be purchased at Park Paradise End-of-Summer-Event.

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