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College Outreach 2020

During this year of the pandemic, Park’s College Outreach program will be operating slightly differently than in past years. Since many of Park’s college students may be attending classes virtually from home, we are suspending sending college care packages, at least for the first half of the school year. Instead Park’s clergy will keep in touch with students, whether at home or away, through special email messages or Zoom visits. We hope to begin to send care packages again when a majority of students are back at their college addresses. In the meantime, please send us your student’s contact information using the form below. It will be important to let us know when your student moves to his/her college address. Please keep us posted! 

There is no cost for the College Outreach Program if your student is already a Young Adult Member (YAM). If your college student is a Young Adult Member, please select the second option below.

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